Gawker to go native, Philadelphia Inquirer eliminates opinion pages & more: Editor’s media picks – 8/30

Can slow-moving universities adapt quickly enough to teach in the digital age?
By Gary Kebbel

The start of classes this fall will also bring renewed debate about what journalism and mass communications colleges should teach in an age of disruption. Professors are trying to figure out how we should be preparing students for jobs that don’t exist yet. Or for jobs that will exist in two years, but won’t in four… More via

CBS Interactive adds 40 sites to MaxPreps franchise
By Gavin O’Malley

Just because AOL is gutting Patch doesn’t mean every publisher is second-guessing its “hyper-local” media strategy… More via

Esquire’s paywall experiment
By Michael Rondon

Esquire made big news in the world of paid Web content in July, putting one of its magazine features behind a paywall. “The Prophet”—for sale on for $1.99—wasn’t the title’s first experience with a paywall though… More via

Gawker tries native ads in comments, with help from Bill Nye
By Alex Kantrowitz

Sometime next Wednesday, celebrity scientist Bill Nye will take a seat in front of a computer and invite the internet to ask him whatever it wants. But he won’t be taking the questions on Reddit, a medium famous for its “Ask Me Anything” sessions. Rather, Mr. Nye will be operating within the comments section of Gizmodo, a Gawker Media website on a page sponsored by State Farm. The entire interaction, from start to finish, will be an ad… More via

Philly Inquirer reportedly cutting opinion pages
By Andrew Beaujon

The Philadelphia Inquirer will cut its opinion section to one page next month, sources at the paper tell Daniel Denvir. Denvir’s sources tell him the purported move is a reaction to a survey that “found that readers think the Inquirer is ‘biased.’ Cutting down on opinion is the supposed remedy.” …More via


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