Globe closes sales office, Atlantic to go paywall & more: Editor’s media picks – 1/3

Andrew Sullivan: “I figured, what the hell”

The pioneering blogger Andrew Sullivan, who announced on Wednesday that he’ll be leaving The Daily Beast and independently publishing his blog using a metered pay model, says he’s already made back his original investment in the venture — and that he’s pulling in donations as large as $10,000… More via

Boston Globe shutters its New York City sales office

The Boston Newspaper Guild has confirmed this New Year’s Eve email from a Romenesko reader: …More via

SerVaas family wants a dramatic turnaround for The Saturday Evening Post

The Saturday Evening Post for many years was a major player in U.S. media, publishing original stories by William Faulkner, Edgar Allan Poe, F. Scott Fitzgerald and on and on… More via

The Atlantic will experiment with online pay models in 2013

The Atlantic is two things every legacy publishing company would like to be: profitable and more reliant on digital advertising revenues than on print. But while that may have been good enough in 2012, for 2013 the magazine has a new goal: to get more readers paying, in some form, for digital-only access to its journalism… More via

Why investors embraced newspapers in 2012

Part two of two parts.  

While more than half of newspaper advertising has vaporized since peaking at $49.4 billion in 2005, the share prices of five out of the nine publicly held publishers impressively outpaced the broader stock market in 2012…More via Reflections of a Newsosaur 

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