Using Twitter to communicate with journalists, WSJ tells staffers to spiffy up for camera & more: Editor’s media picks – 5/7

Cleveland’s Department of Public Safety using Twitter to communicate with journalists
By Andrew Beaujon

As the story of three formerly missing women in Cleveland develops Tuesday, the city’s Department of Public Safety is encouraging journalists to use Twitter to get credentialed for a press conference this morning… More via

Double coverage: How the Boston Globe used its dual sites to cover the marathon bombing
By Justin Ellis

April 15 was always going to be a big day for The Boston Globe. Marathon Day is traditionally one of the busiest for the newspaper, with its staff deployed around the city following the race, running the race, or on the scene at Fenway for the Red Sox game. It’s a long day, as reporters and editors are up at the break of dawn along with the runners and the rest of the city… More via Nieman Journalism Lab announces new hires
By Mackenzie Weinger on Monday announced several new hires including Mother Jones’ Adam Serwer, Talking Points Memo’s Benjy Sarlin and The Washington Post’s Suzy Khimm… More via

New York Times launches Web-only documentaries with Retro Report
By Laura Hazard Owen

The New York Times is launching a series of short, Web-only documentaries with Retro Report, a nonprofit news organization that aims to investigate “the most perplexing news stories of our past with the goal of encouraging the public to think more critically about current events and the media.” …More via

Wall Street Journal memo advises staff to visit the makeup artist before going on ‘WSJ Live’

Wall Street Journal staffers who appear on “WSJ Live” are reminded that “you should take into consideration your appearance both in terms of journalistic content and on-air presentation” and that “a quick visit to our resident makeup artist on the 6th floor is encouraged before each appearance for both men and women – even for just a quick dash of powder.”  … More via

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