Dan England – The Greeley Tribune

Dan England covers the Colorado outdoors, adventure, and adventure sports, as well as local people doing interesting things. His subjects include skiing, biking, hiking, hunting, fishing, rafting, mountain climbing and some unusual topics like beekeeping. He also writes about local arts and entertainment, from art classes to performing arts shows. England says he occasionally features relevant products, such as nonfiction adventure novels, on his adventure briefs page.

Pitch him by e-mail only; he does NOT want to be mailed hard copies of a press release. England takes a lot of his own photos, but also accepts outside photography. He discourages follow-up phone calls.

The Greeley Tribune covers local and regional news relevant to Greeley, Colo. Its daily circulation is approximately 20,500.

Dan England, writer/editor
The Greeley Tribune
(970) 352-0211