Craig Larson — Sporting News Radio Network

Craig Larson manages daily content for Sporting News Radio Network, where his responsibilities include selecting news topics and ensuring stories are covered effectively. “We are all sports all the time,” he says. “We have a total of 17 [stations] right now – any number of a variety of formats and shows, but they are all sports-related and centralized and focused in the sports world.” The network covers hard news as well as features. “We have a mixture,” says Larson. “We want to be entertaining; we want to deliver the news accurately. We want to obviously get reaction when a story breaks, doesn’t matter the particular sport.” Feature stories have included a driver entering an auto-race after battling cancer and an athlete’s personal journey to win the Stanley Cup. No sports-related topic is considered off-limits for the Network.

Larson is open to receiving sports news releases at any time. He is also interested in pitches for guest interviews; he estimates the Network features 30 interviews per day. Contact him via email. If there is a specific deadline or a time-sensitive coverage opportunity, that should be noted in the email’s subject line. “Even if it doesn’t fit, we always give a response to maintain the relationship and the dialogue,” notes Larson. “The next time, they might have something of interest to us, where we can truly promote it for them.”

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Craig Larson, program director/producer
Sporting News Radio Network
(310) 664-3579