Mike Bassett — “Troubleshooter Tom Martino”

Mike Bassett is the producer for “Troubleshooter Tom Martino,” a national radio program covering consumer affairs. He is interested in receiving story ideas or news releases about such consumer topics as automobiles, health, and finance. “Mostly, consumer-related stuff is what we’re looking at,” he says. “We take any and all issues as they come in on calls.”

Pitch him via email, preferably in the morning. He accepts attachments. Bassett discourages follow-up calls; he will respond if interested.

“Troubleshooter Tom Martino” airs weekdays from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on stations across the U.S. An outlet for consumers who have been ripped off, cheated or received poor service, the show helps secure indemnities in merchandise, cash, refunds, exchanges and services.

Mike Bassett, producer
“Troubleshooter Tom Martino”
(303) 302-6136