Jeff Yastine — ‘Nightly Business Report’

Jeff Yastine is a reporter and fill-in anchor for PBS’ national business program, Nightly Business Report (NBR), which is aimed at an educated, affluent, professional audience. Yastine says he is looking for “medical or health stories that have sort of a business or finance angle to them.” His stories deal with national trends, as the program is carried by more than 250 local PBS stations. “Typically, the focus is much more often on the institution or the corporate entity more so than profiling on a single individual,” he adds.

Yastine says his preference for “the first contact” is by e-mail; he accepts attachments. He works out of NBR’s Miami bureau; the phone number listed is for the PBS affiliate in Miami, WPBT-TV.

Jeff Yastine, reporter/anchor

“Nightly Business Report”
(305) 424-4061