Pinata - PR Party Bus

It’s Time to Think of Your Content as a Party Bus

“Build it and they will come” strategies are doomed to fail. You need to think of your content marketing strategy as a party bus, a place where people will come, linger and become ambassadors. Here’s what you need to do.

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Social Media Updates: Social Ads, Twitter Goes to the Movies and Google Updates

Users constantly adopt new behaviors, preferences and technologies. Social networks play catch up, adding new features and making changes to the user experience. This creates new opportunities and challenges for PR pros. Pinterest works with the media, Instagram goes to the UK and Google Plus decreases promotion. Here’s a roundup of this week’s social media news and updates.

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How Has PR Changed - Featured

5 Ways PR Has Changed Since 1999…and Why Now’s Better

How much has PR changed since the turn of the century? More than enough for most PR professionals. See five of the biggest changes PR has seen and why those changes actually are better for today’s PR pros.

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Big Data for PR Pros Featured

How to Use Big Data in PR

Big data isn’t just for marketers. PR pros can use big data, too. They just have to know what to look for. Here are 4 areas to track, a list of tools to help and advice for what to do after you collect your data.

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Video thumbnail for youtube video - The Vocus Blog

Vocus’ PR Solution Keeps the New Orleans Tourism Economy Strong

Thanks to Vocus, the New Orleans Tourism Marketing Corporation turned its PR from a cost-center to a profit center. Watch how Vocus’ PR Suite helped make this happen.

PrimeRevenue - Vocus PR Suite

PrimeRevenue: Vocus Helped Increase Awareness of Our Award-Winning Solutions

With offices on multiple continents, PrimeRevenue turned to Vocus to raise global awareness. The PR Suite helped them earn publicity in many key publications and position themselves as global leaders within their industry.

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OutMarket - Featured

Looking for the Marketing Content You Love? Visit OutMarket!

Today, we have an exciting announcement. The Vocus Marketing Suite is now OutMarket! OutMarket features a new look, but the same award-winning software. Check out the full announcement here. We … [Read More...]

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