Four Great 2012 Marketing and PR Webinars Worth Reviewing

This year’s Vocus webinar series has hosted more than a dozen of marketing and PR’s biggest experts and influencers, and helped tens of thousands of attendees market their businesses better.

The topics we covered this year included social media, search, branding, PR and publicity, branding, business growth and more – and many are still available to view on-demand. Here are four from earlier in 2012 that we highly recommend viewing as you plan for 2013.

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Vocus Webinar Speaker: Michael SmartPR and Publicity: Seven Secrets of New Media Stars

Michael Smart has mastered the art of getting media attention. He shared the secrets he used to turn a business study into one of the most popular stories on TIME’s website. Michael’s webinar will help you:

  • Determine the journalists most likely to pick up your story
  • Use the 10-second pitch formula that journalists can’t resist
  • Provide the information that compels journalists to write your story

Get the rest of Michael’s tips now!

Vocus Webinar Speaker: Jim JosephBranding for SMBs: Small Biz Brand Bootcamp

Jim Joseph has spent 25 years building brand experiences for big businesses like Kellogg’s, American Express, and Kraft. But Jim modified his big-brand knowledge so that small businesses could apply the same principles. Jim’s webinar will help you:

  • Define your target audience using more than just demographics
  • Win the battle against direct and indirect competitors
  • Determine which platforms best connect you with your target audience

Get the rest of Jim’s branding tips now!

Vocus Webinar Speaker: Mark SchaeferSocial Media Marketing: Twitter Power in One Hour

Three years ago Mark Schaefer didn’t see the point of Twitter until he saw tongue-in-cheek terms for swine flu like ‘hamthrax’ and ‘aporkalypse’. In those terms, Mark saw Twitter as a 24-7 brainstorming session that could benefit marketers. His webinar will help you:

  • Build influence by first growing a relevant Twitter audience
  • Gain credibility and eventually sales by offering ‘authentic helpfulness’
  • Easily make connections by optimizing your Twitter account

Watch Mark’s presentation now!

Vocus Webinar Speaker: Mike MichalowiczBusiness Growth: The Pumpkin Plan

Mike Michalowicz says small business owners fall into one of two categories of pumpkin farmer: one who grows as many pumpkins as possible or one who aims to grow a giant pumpkin. Mike uses pumpkins as a metaphor for customers and suggests businesses focus only on their best ones. This event will help you:

  • Increase your bottom line by cloning your best clients
  • Better serve top customers with focused concentration
  • Earn new customers by building strategic partnerships

See how to grow your business now!

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