Seven Marketing Experts and Influencers to Follow in 2013

Have you ever wondered who the future Scott Strattens and Brian Solises and other marketing experts and influencers are? (Don’t worry boys, your time isn’t up yet!)

We often do, so we decided to take a proactive look at who’s going to be hot this year in marketing, social media, PR and search.

These folks are the people that shape online conversations. They have the best news on trends, they have  insight and perspective, and they’ll help you  get real results in your online marketing and PR.

Here’s who we recommend you pay attention to this year:

Samantha Hosenkamp is the head of social at Ragan Communications and PR Daily. She’s always on top of what’s happening in the social, PR and health communications sphere. With her new #RaganSocial Twitter chat gaining steam, Sam is shaping online conversations around social and growing a dedicated community.

Follow her @SamHosenkamp

Anton Stetner  has a real passion for content and SEO. He’s created specialized social accounts for his Washington real estate business, personal hobbies and personal life, and has crafted a formula for cross promoting across those platforms that’s still suitable for his niche audience. His secret? “People are interested in real estate on my real estate accounts, but they’re people and have other interests too. I find out what we have in common, create a connection and have conversations and promote content that fits their other interests too.”

Follow him @antonstetner

Amanda Miller Littlejohn founded her agency Mopwater PR on the principles that public relations today is more social – both online and off. A former print journalist, she understands both sides of the coin. Her latest project is a conference tour educating PR pros how to reach journalists through social media.

Follow her @amandamogul.

Jim Dougherty writes about social media and tech at Leaders West, which shares fresh perspectives on social media and technology from some of the most extraordinary people in the blogosphere. Featured in Guy Kawasaki’s Alltop and one of Kred’s top 50 social media bloggers, his blog is worth reading.

Look out for Jim on the Vocus Blog soon and follow him @leaderswest

Sam Fiorella  is a partner at Sensei marketing, co-author of Influence Marketing (with Danny Brown) and a Huffington Post contributor – noticing a trend here? Via his bio: “Sam is one of those unique individuals who can expertly traverse the technology and marketing sides of a business, which has helped drive an extremely successful career as a marketing/interactive strategist and keynote speaker.”

Follow him @samfiorella

Peg Fitzpatrick is the director of marketing and social media manager for Kreussler Inc and managing partner at 12 Most, a site that specializes in easy-to-digest list posts in the genres of business, media and lifestyle. Pretty neat, huh? I wish I thought of that. Peg also hosts #MyBookClub, a monthly twitter chat where she hosts authors like Jason Falls, Ann Handley and more. P.S. – her positive attitude is infectious, so watch out!

Follow her @pegfitzpatrick

John Hayes is a marketing strategist and contributing author to both iContact and Vocus. Our in-house expert on email marketing and strategy, John regularly teaches workshops and has even authored his own book. Based in the UK, he’s a goldmine for tips and tactics and he’s always responsive on social.

Follow him @john_w_hayes

Who did we miss? Leave us your suggestions in the comments as we’d like to recognize them too! 



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