Nine Content and Search Tips for Cyber Monday Marketing

It’s time to get ramped up for one of the busiest times of the year for marketers and retailers: the time that falls between the moment you put your fork down at Thanksgiving dinner to the moment people are opening presents under the tree.

Black Friday is one of those legendary shopping days that offers amazing deals, but at a price: your sleep – and often your sanity, as you stand in long lines and fighting mobs searching for discounts. Cyber Monday has become the solution: shopping from the comfort of home in your pajamas with no lines, no outraged people, and no 2 a.m. wake-up alarms. Ahhh…

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How can you make the most out of your Cyber Monday marketing efforts? Easy. Start right now. Here’s a checklist of content you should be creating and distributing on the web to drum up buzz about your biz:

1)      Website materials. This could include a banner ad at the top of your website, home page image or tabs that prominently display what your business is doing in terms of deals on Cyber Monday that entice the reader to click to find out how to get them.

2)      A press release. Great for SEO, a press release is a good way to get the keywords for your product or biz to rank in search when people are looking for it.

3)      Multimedia. Don’t forget to take interesting photos or video of your shop and products. People want to see before they buy!

4)      Facebook event or app. If you’ve got a Facebook page, spice it up with a Facebook app or event that announces your sales and lets customers “RSVP.” This is a great way to get people involved and engaged.

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5)      Carefully crafted tweets. Craft your sale tweets ahead of time and figure out the best times to tweet them. Rework tweets to extend their life, and examine which tweets are getting the most clicks by using a service like

6)      Emails. Create short email campaigns that appeal to your audience segments. Our favorites include an image that details what kind of sale and the products being sold with a link to more info on the website. Keeping it short to avoid email fatigue.

7)      Affiliates or partnership sale announcements. Are you selling products from other distributors? Ask them to advertise on their site that their products are available at your retail shop – which gets you in in front of a new audience.

8)      Printable coupons to be used after Cyber Monday. Keep the sales coming in for those who can’t make your online event by providing extended deals. There’s still a whole month of shopping, so don’t forget the procrastinators and give them some love too.

9)      Word of Mouth. Yes, it’s a content marketing tactic, and the earlier you start the above marketing efforts, the more buzz you may generate with word of mouth. So what are you waiting for?

How will you be using social media this Cyber Monday?



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