50 Creative Ways to Thank Your Customers This Thanksgiving

In two weeks, people will reflect on how grateful they are for family, friends, and other blessings this Thanksgiving. Business owners should also take a minute to thank the customers that make their businesses run. It goes a long way to ensuring that first-time shoppers return and that loyal customers stay loyal.

In the age of social media, where shoppers share their customer experiences by word-of-mouth, businesses of all sizes are coming round to the power of saying thanks. Last summer, Nestle Drumstick produced a music video to celebrate its 1 millionth Facebook follower. This month, a Baltimore-area real estate office will send a Thanksgiving pie to its new homeowners.

Here are 50 ideas to thank your customers in a way that stands out.

Tips from Vocus

1. Stand out by stepping back from technology and sending a hand-written note

2. Showcase your customers on social media, in-store displays, or email

3. Give loyal customers an out-of-the-blue exclusive discount


Tips from iContact

4. Make a short video thanking fans and share it via social media and email

5. Host an exclusive after-hours shopping event for loyal customers

6. Organize a customer-appreciation event (Make sure there’s dessert!)

7. Offer top customers an extra 5 to 10 percent off existing sales

8. Respond graciously in person or online to customer comments


Tips from Help Scout

9. Hold an educational event about the most interesting parts of your industry

10. Celebrate customer milestones by sending them a note or present

11. Refer business to your clients

12. Hold a special social media deal for technologically-savvy customers


Tips from Enve Creative

13. Send a gift to a random customer

14. Make a donation to a charity that your customers value

15. Create a loyalty rewards program

16. Send cards, which create a more personal relationship


Tips from 1-800-bakery.com

17. Share your knowhow with an email newsletter that informs rather than promotes

18. Hand out creative swag on items not usually branded, like pastries

19. Incentivize feedback by providing a small reward for comments


Tips from Avocado Consulting

20. Email thanks to customers immediately after a purchase and when the status of transactions change

21. Stand out by sending Thanksgiving cards, which help customers remember you before the buying season


Tips from Toilet Paper Entrepreneur

22. Mail a wooden postcard to select customers and offer a gift for its return

23.Include a chocolate bar and business card on every shipment

24. Email customers their receipts at tax time and remind of possible deductions

25. Organize networking events among your customers to expand partnerships

26. Never underestimate the power of a singing telegram or tickets to a ballgame


Tips from 12 Most

27. Buy customers a useful book and include note about how it could help

28. Name a product or promotion after a customer

29. Hand out a “Customer of the Month” award complete with plaque

30. Develop exclusive content for your best customers

31. Take a customer out to dinner after a sale is completed

32. Pick up the phone and call just to thank a customer for being with you


Tips from Business 2 Community

33. Send a holiday card and include a lotto ticket

34. Create branded coffee mugs and send them to customers

35.Call new clients to check how the service is and what can improve

36. Provide a surprise sample of a product the customer might like


Tips from Copywriter’s Roundtable

37. Throw in free shipping

38. Survey customers to understand how to better serve them

39. Send a customer a gift basket filled with personalized goodies after a sale


Tips from Heidi Cohen

40. Offer a store coupon after an online purchase is made

41. Dedicate a section of your blog to customers

42. Reward new email registrants with a coupon or useful information

43. Have a raffle for your customers


Tips from Triple Moon Design

44.Hold a competition where customers show how they use your product

45. Develop a virtual suggestion box and post the best suggestions

46. Offer a printable coupon online to be used in your store

47. Hand out coupon codes to customers for future purchases


Tips from Andrew Jensen

48. Contact a long-absent customer and send an invitation to come back

49. Send information by mail or email about new products and services

50. Ensure that every thank you is genuine because customers can tell


How will you thank your customers this Thanksgiving?



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