Don’t Have Time for Social Media Marketing? Hogwash.

Ifdy Perez is a social media strategist with a specialty in community building.

Please don’t cringe. This isn’t an attempt to overwhelm you by adding something else onto your already-packed to-do list. But the excuse of “not having time for social media markteting” isn’t going to fly anymore. Online marketing is the way of the world, and using social media to promote your business is a must.

Take this as good news! We’re about to show you how you can get your feet wet in social media for your business with just 60 minutes broken up throughout your day. You can’t execute the world’s best social media strategy with just 60 minutes a day; there’s more planning involved. But use these tips as a step to get you into the habit.

Twitter: 30 Minutes a Day

In the morning, when you get into the office and start settling in, set aside 15 minutes to hop onto Twitter. If you haven’t filled out your Twitter profile, do that first. Upload your logo and fill in your business info (including your website) so that whomever you interact with can find out more information about you easily.

Start cultivating relationships by talking to other people interested in topics relevant to your business. You can use hashtags and keyword searches to find these people. But like a guest arriving at a party in progress, listen to those conversations first. Then talk to others when you have something valuable to contribute (don’t just barge in and dominate the conversation).

Listening is about reading what others are saying about your product, topics related to your product, and even other topics in which those individuals are interested. This helps you understand the nature of the conversation, and know what valuable insight you can contribute to the audience you’re trying to reach. (Tip: the Vocus Marketing Suite helps you do this easily!)

Before the end of your day, take another 15 minutes to schedule posts for the following day or two. Pick articles—from your blog and from others—you think would be interesting to your audience. Keep in mind how you’d act when you approach a group at a party that’s already talking. You don’t want to just talk about yourself, talk about your audience and topics that interest them.

Facebook: 20 Minutes a Day

Just like with Twitter, ramp up your Facebook page by inputting your business info, logo, and other images.

Unlike Twitter, though, your Page can’t “follow” or “friend” other people, only other Pages. But you still have the opportunity to develop relationships. Like other business Pages, your customers’ Pages, related products/services, and of those you’d like to partner with. Also check out unrelated Pages you’d like your business Page to emulate; this is a great way to keep up with online trends!

Think about posting once a day—morning, noon, or nighttime. Make sure your posts have vivid pictures and conversation-starting descriptions. (Check out this article for some Facebook posting tips.)

Google Alerts: 10 Minutes a Day

You only have to set this up once. Create Google Alerts for at least 5 keywords, and have them emailed to you (once a day is good to start). Keep an eye on keywords related to your business, as well as your business name and any derivations of it. Then everyday, read the articles sent to your inbox to keep tabs on what people are saying.

These are some tips to get you started. Set reminders on your computer to get started, and tell us how it goes!

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