Facebook Launches New “Facebook for Business” Marketing Site

Howard Greenstein is a marketing technology strategist and president of the Harbrooke Group.

A filmmaker client recently asked me how he could use Facebook better. “Should I promote a post? Will that get me more likes? What does having more fans mean for me?” As a business person, he couldn’t figure out from his Facebook dashboard what he should do to achieve his goal: get more people watching his film.

Facebook has heard from people like the filmmaker, and has announced “Facebook For Business”, a major re-launch of all the content related to using Facebook as a business marketer.

The new site is intended to change the way the business and advertising communities get information from Facebook.

The site is a hub for all feature updates, product information, success stories, and case studies in one place. Christina McBride, Marketing Manager on Facebook’s Business Marketing Communications Team, was clear that the majority of traffic to this site will be from small and mid-sized businesses.

The site starts with the basics, including how to set up a page for your business, create content, create ads, and measure results. This kind of content is widely available, but it is good to see Facebook consolidate it and make it very approachable and easy for new customers coming on board.

When you dive into “Success Stories,” an interface allows you to sort and filter to find success stories from comparably sized companies, or from companies in your industry. There are other filters as well, so you can find companies in your region, for example, that have had success.

These industry case studies act as “playbooks” giving best practices for using Facebook for specific verticals.In the recently published Vocus Marketer’s Guide to the New Facebook, we profiled Castle Auto Group, and talked about how they’ve used Facebook for outreach to their customers.

Facebook’s case study on Castle is on this portal, and acts as one of the playbooks on automotive marketing. Inside the case study are links directly to specific Facebook products that were used to accomplish Castle’s goals. McBride said “With the Success Stories, we’re really just getting started. We’ve retrofitted all our previous content, but this hub lends itself to creating a lot more.”

A section on products lets marketers who are less familiar with all the different Facebook choices dive in and learn how to use ad types and targeting effectively. The “platform” section shows how to connect a company’s site to Facebook, from adding the “like” and “share” buttons to more complicated integrations like using Facebook as a login.

Additionally, marketers know it is often hard to find announcements about Facebook products, or to know exactly where that information is posted. The Facebook For Business site has a News blog with information about all updates. The Facebook “Studio” blog that has carried some of this information in the past will be transitioning over to this site.

Facebook announced in June that they intended to simplify the number of ad units they offer, reducing that number by almost half. Additionally, they’ve changed the Ad creation interface, helping new advertisers focus on promoting a post or getting more likes for a page with simple buttons and directions.

This simplification of the ad interface matches well with the creation of Facebook’s business site, which should streamline the “how” of creating the right ads, give examples of companies that are getting results, and provide very clear direction for those who wish to use it as a marketing channel.

Has Facebook’s new business site helped make any aspect of promoting your business and brand more clear to you? The site is a beta, so what would you say they still need to add? Leave a comment to share that feedback.



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