Five Facebook Tactics from Brands Doing it Right

One of the biggest lessons I learned as a community manager is to look at brands doing a fantastic job with their social strategy, and learn from them. Although, it’s true that strategies come before tactics, it’s good to notice specific tactics used by successful brands to learn from, and possibly emulate.

Community managers, take heed. Here are five top brands on Facebook, and the specific Facebook tactics they’ve used to build their communities.


Every one of their posts just makes my mouth water, but that’s beside the point. The point here is the high engagement Snickers has on its posts. Check out this example:

Tactic: Juicy-looking graphic of their product, accompanied by a caption that supplements the photo. (Notice the caption supplements the photo––not the other way around).

Takeaway: Before thinking captions, think of how to portray your business’ product or service in photos. This is how you get stronger images to share online.


 I’m a little biased for this one because I shop there (a lot), but their tactics are so great, I just had to include them. HauteLook is an online shop owned by Nordstrom. They have exclusive products to sell, from all sorts of designers; so in this sense, they’re a service rather than a specific product.

Tactic: HauteLook starts special sales at 8AM Pacific, and gives their fans teasers on Facebook the nigh prior. Like this one:

Takeaway: Think about ways you can promote your product or service exclusively. Use images on your Facebook and Twitter pages to talk about upcoming sales, events, findings, or even new features.

Under Armour

 Real inspiration takes real guts, and Under Armour does a tremendous job for setting the tone and culture of a community dedicated to fitness, health, and breaking barriers.

Tactic: UA posts photos with inspirational quotes, and picks unique hashtag-like taglines to string them together under the same campaign. I love this post about Jaque.

Takeaway: Posting stories of real people influenced by your business (or vice versa), will give your brand a personal element that’s more relatable to your fans than your logo.

Sur La Table

 Sur La Table is one of my personal favorite brands. They just have the right pictures, the right captions, but they also don’t live in a world different from ours. Here’s what I mean.

Tactic: For Cinco de Mayo, they weren’t amiss posting a picture with a link to a recipe for a themed margarita in celebration.


Takeaway: Add major holidays and events to your editorial calendar, and figure out ways your brand can be relevant to your audience on those days. Holidays are the “low hanging fruit” to being relatable to your fans.

Bed, Bath and Beyond

Can you tell I love home and fashion brands? Bed, Bath and Beyond is another great brand that posts great pictures of their products as a way to engage with their fans. But here’s a tactic you may not have considered.

Tactic: BBB understands that the cover photo is prime real estate.

Takeaway: Use your cover photo to promote your latest products (as long as the ratio of image to text is 60:30). And if you’ve noticed, a cover photo shows up in fans newsfeeds – fun fact.

What other brands do you follow? Any favorite tactics that stand out to you?

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