Links We Love: 2013 Search, Co-Creation, and Internet Explorer

On the eve of December, it’s time to start taking a look back at 2012 and ahead to the New Year. See predictions for some of the biggest search trends in 2013 in this week’s Links We Love.

Stat of the Week

Instead of hitting the unsubscribe button, it appears many email recipients report marketers for spam when they don’t want to hear from them. A recent study from Return Path showed that 70 percent of spam complaints were for legitimate newsletters, offers, or notifications people no longer wanted. Recipients Use Spam Complaints To Unsubscribe From Email—via MarketingVox

List of the Week

How will search change in 2013? More algorithm changes seem like a certainty. What about the use of behavioral retargeting used to reach buyers later in the buying cycle?  Those are two of five predictions for search in the New Year. What Next for SEO?—via The Drum

Tip of the Week

The Internet has given customers the power to easily research, review, and interact with companies. While some marketers may fear that power, savvy ones tap into the creativity of their biggest fans to co-create a brand. When Co-Creation Becomes the Beating Heart of Marketing, Companies Win—via Fast Company

Stroke of Genius of the Week

Belgian beer brand Stella Artois has given its fans the ability to send a videogram to friends. The video featuring actress Alice Eve integrates Google Maps, making it look like she’s at your doorstep. Facebook App Sends Stella Artois Actress to Your Doorstep—via AdRants

And finally…

Internet Explorer knows it has a lot of haters. Having lost market share to Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome over the years, Internet Explorer sends a brutally honest (and funny) message explaining its weak past and recent improvements. A commercial shows them nearly winning over an Internet troll whose life is dedicated to bashing the browser. Internet Explorer 10 Ad Is Brutally Honest—via Mashable



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