Links We Love: Promoted Posts, SEO, and Test Searches

If you haven’t done so already, now is the time to make sure your website is in tip-top shape for the oncoming rush of shoppers. Learn why rearranging search results on your websites can help convert more sales in this week’s Links We Love.

Stat of the Week

Considering buying promoted Tweets or Facebook posts? Check this data first. A strong majority of Twitter (62%) and Facebook (72%) users said sponsored posts negatively impacted or had no impact on the brand advertised. Survey Reveals ‘Native’ Ads Can Be Damaging—via MediaBrix

List of the Week

“I know a little SEO, we should be fine” and “We made a link contest” are phrases never to be uttered. The blog at Portent runs down five other disturbing phrases and explains why they’re marketing’s version of four-letter words. 7 Cringe-worthy Phrases You Never Want to Hear—via Portent

Tip of the Week

Shoppers who conduct searches using a website’s search box are more likely to buy than ones who don’t. Perform test searches and rearrange results manually to get the desired products at top. People Who Search Convert—via Duct Tape Marketing

Stroke of Genius of the Week

The weekend before Halloween, a group of Swedish moviegoers went to see the new James Bond film and received free sodas. Before the movie began, some of the sodas began ringing. Sony had hidden its Xperia Acro S smartphones in several of the drinks to demonstrate that the devices are waterproof (and apparently sodaproof). What’s That in My Drink?—via AdWeek

And Finally…

Interacting with fans is a marketing must in the social media era, but it happened even more than 150 years ago. Abraham Lincoln grew his trademark beard after receiving a letter from an 11-year-old girl who reasoned that he would earn more votes with whiskers that cover his thin face. The Endearing Reason Why Lincoln Grew His Beard—via Yahoo!



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