How to Do Facebook Like Vin Diesel

From when he started using Facebook in 2009 to now, Vin Diesel has bulked up from 0 to 42 million Facebook fans.

How did he pile up the Likes as fast and furiously as he did? Even Facebook wanted to know, so they invited him to headquarters, prompting Vin to joke that the company owed him billions for his intel.

Vin Diesel - Vinbook - Facebook Marketing

To celebrate the sixth installment of the Fast and the Furious series coming out May 24th, here are six tips for how to do Facebook like Vin Diesel:

Vin Diesel - Love - Facebook Marketing

Engage your fans by saying thank you.

1. Show fans you’re thankful

“Thanks for the love.” That simple message that Vin posted on May 7th earned 1.2 million Likes. It’s posts like that, Vin says, that have made his Facebook page so popular.

By sharing your appreciation with fans and followers, you will create goodwill and attract more people. Thank people for positive reviews and feedback. Offer to assist customers who may have had a bad experience.

2. Develop a relationship with your fans

“I never let anyone post for me in the last four years,” Vin says. “My audience knows me so well on the page that if my producing partner’s in the room when I post, they’ll know somebody was around me.”

Creating that connection with your fans takes work and openness. After all, your fans aren’t visit your social media pages if they didn’t want to see some personality.

Share a laugh with chronicles of ridiculous moments. Or share a personal moment that meant a lot to you. A picture of Vin holding his niece racked up nearly a million likes.

Cover Photo - Vin Diesel

Whether attaching a photo to a post or using a cover photo, Vin’s Facebook page is covered in images.

3. Use more than text

Scroll through Vin’s profile and nary a post that doesn’t have a picture will be found. Adding multimedia to your profile is a proven way to increase engagement with your fans.

Once you choose an image or a video to post, give some thought to creating a caption that complements it.

4. Post regularly, but not too often

Some days Vin will post twice. Occasionally, he goes silent for a week. Most of the time, he posts every couple of days.

Having a consistent, but not overbearing posting schedule, is key to finding success on Facebook. When brands post twice instead of once per day, the Likes per post drop 43 percent.

Vin Diesel - Happy Mother's Day - Facebook Marketing5. Give behind-the-scenes looks

On Mother’s Day, Vin wished his fans a happy Mother’s Day and included the message, “A shoulder to rest on…a watchful eye…and a mother’s love. Haha, a random pic that says it all.”

The picture included with the post (which received more than 500,000 Likes) shows Vin sleeping on the shoulder of, presumably, Mother Diesel.

Providing an insight into the people who make your business run creates a deeper connection with your fans.

6. Provide valuable information

On March 22nd, Vin posted a teaser trailer for his upcoming sequel to Chronicles of Riddick. And to top it off, he gave a top-notch call to action: “You got it first… now feel free to share it with the world.”

Your social media followers are more likely to share information and visit your page frequently if you offer something of value. What more could a Vin Diesel fan want than a sneak peek of one of his movies?

Don’t forget to throw in a top-notch call to action to drive people to share, sign up or click through to your website.

Bonus Diesel!
Here are three of our favorite Vin Diesel Facebook photos:
Vin Diesel - Facebook Marketing
Vin Diesel - Facebook Marketing
Vin Diesel - Facebook Marketing



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