Don’t Stop! Last-Minute Holiday Email Marketing Tips

After a sizzling start of $2.5 billion in sales on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the holiday shopping season has less than two (very busy) weeks left.

You can extend your Black Friday and Cyber Monday success or make up for a sluggish start by connecting with last-minute shoppers through email marketing. According to the Direct Marketing Association, email marketing is expected to bring in $39.30 for every dollar spent in 2012.

Here are three holiday email marketing tips that will deliver a sales boost for the remainder of the season:

1. Be brief

When people open your email, make sure that what they see is simple and to the point. Include:

  • A quick summary of your offer
  • A picture of your product
  • Helpful information, such as gift-wrapping tips or product usage advice

Present that information in a short paragraph. Even better, include a video of you, a staff member, or a customer sharing their thoughts. Just keep it short; a one-minute video is long enough.

For more last-minute holiday marketing tips, download our free Holiday Marketing guides here!

2. Remember mobile users

If you need more incentive to keep your emails short and sweet, think of people who are out and about, checking their messages on a smartphone while they shop. According to email testing and marketing analytics company Litmus, as of September 2012, 38% of all email opens happen on a mobile device, compared with only 17% eighteen months ago!

It’s challenging to read long, complicated messages on an iPhone or Android. To reach those on-the-go consumers, make sure your emails are mobile friendly:

  • Keep them short and easy to read
  • Make calls to action obvious
  • Make sure any links you include are also mobile-friendly

3. Create compelling calls to action

Perhaps most importantly, you want readers to take action – whether it’s to buy something, visit your website, or RSVP for an event. Your call to action can take the form of a button, a link, or just text, but it must be clear, concise and specific.

Good examples of calls to action include:

  • Click here to buy
  • Find out more here
  • Call us at 1-800-XXX-XXXX to order
  • Visit our store on Main Street

To avoid confusion, make your call to action distinct, so it stands out from the rest of the content in your email. During the holidays, when shoppers are busy, a single call to action may work best.

Want to ensure your offers are effective? Consider the customer’s needs when you’re sending your message. As the shopping season winds down, attract last-minute shoppers with easy gifts, stocking stuffers and two-for-one deals.

Image: FutUndBeidl (Creative Commons)



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