Links We Love: Graph Search, Anti-Marketing, and Dan Brown

The marketing world always seems to pause momentarily when Facebook comes out with a new feature. Stay up to date with Graph Search and other marketing news in this week’s Links We Love.

Tip of the week

Are you optimized for Bing? Facebook’s Graph Search scours friends’ profiles to answer queries, but if nothing matches, it uses Bing. Facebook Graph Search—via Marketing Pilgrim

Psst!: Here are some tips to ensure your website is optimized for Bing.

Stat of the week

We weren’t lying when we said mobile marketing will be big in 2013. More than 85 percent of marketers plan to raise their mobile advertising budgets in the near future.  Marketers Plan to Raise Their Mobile Budgets—via Clickz

List of the week

From what it is and isn’t to what’s next in store for it, Lee Odden asks and answers six questions about content marketing. The most pertinent information may be Lee’s advice for avoiding a New Year’s content slump. 6 Essential Questions and Answers About Content Marketing for 2013—via TopRank Blog

No Noise Marketing Campaign

A U.K. department store removed logos from products to provide a break from brand blitzing. (Image from ViralBlog.)

Stroke of genius of the week

Not sure this is the best marketing strategy for most companies, but it did at least generate publicity. UK department store Selfridges launched its No Noise campaign, which includes brands (including Heinz and Levi’s) stripping logos from its products. Selfridges Launches Anti-Marketing Campaign—via ViralBlog

And finally…

The Da Vinci Code author Dan Brown unveiled the title and cover of his latest book with a Twitter contest. Each tweeter who guessed a title using a specific hashtag had their profile picture become part of a mosaic depicting the cover. Use the Big Guys for Inspiration—via Build Book Buzz

Bonus link: did you check out the enhanced Vocus Marketing Suite yet? Click here.




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