Why Marketers Should Focus on Quality Over Frequency

Guest post by Geoff Livingston. Geoff is an author, public speaker and marketing strategist.

For the past two weeks, bloggers have been weighing into an ongoing debate about producing quality content versus quantity.

A communicator or business marketer may be confused by the back and forth, much of it centering on the amount of times to blog a week, though it can be applied to any form of content produced for your business. So we’re telling you what the hubbub is about.

The way search works online, algorithms like Google and Bing’s reward content frequency, meaning a site that updates itself frequently. However, recent Google Panda and Penguin updates punish sites that produce poorly crafted content that scrapes, blatantly uses keywords, pushes redirects, and more.

This is a long way of saying that as far as producing highly ranked content is concerned, you need both.

If you are publishing low quality content that doesn’t get a bunch of organic links and social validation (when people share your information on networks like Google+ and Twitter), then your content production efforts are for naught.

Conversely, if you only publish once a month, even though it may be high-caliber content that gets well indexed, your site will not be as highly featured as competitors who produce popular content more frequently (particularly those with blogs).

Focus on Your Customer Experience

If you have never read Google’s quality guidelines for web masters, it’s worth a read.

In the end, it really tells you to create content for your stakeholders. This is about marketing to customers, right? That means consider content a part of your customer experience.

The lower the quality of content, the lesser the experience. That means you are giving people and opportunity to view your brand in an unfavorable light. Remember, Google doesn’t like bad content either.

The ultimate barometer: People should come to your site and find information that’s useful and/or entertaining while matching their search terms.

So, committing to build quality content should be your first, second and third priority.

Frequency matters, and ultimately you want to publish at least two or three times a week to start getting higher indexed rankings in Google and Bing. Further, as you move toward a daily or even more frequent schedule your site becomes a daily news source. Google will consistently index you.

But most small and medium enterprises cannot allocate the resources necessary — either internally or hired — to achieve this worthy of frequent quality content. Not every company can become a media marketing machine like Red Bull.

So look at your resources honestly, and commit to the highest frequency possible while meeting your barometer: value to your customer. You can always increase frequency later.

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Image: digitalmoneyworld (Creative Commons)



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