Ten PRWeb Customers Show Us How to Newsjack the Olympics

This Friday, the world’s news media will be focused on the opening ceremonies at the London Olympics, a three-week event featuring 26 sports and over 10,000 athletes from 204 nations.

Closer to home, however, clever marketers have spotted a massive newsjacking opportunity. Newsjacking, as defined by marketing strategist David Meerman Scott, is the “process by which you inject your ideas or angles into breaking news, in real time, in order to generate media coverage for yourself or your business.”

It’s a DIY PR technique that allows smart businesses to capitalize on the big news stories of the day, and we’re delighted to report that customers of PRWeb – our online news release service – are taking full advantage of newsjacking. Here are ten of our favorite examples.

Here are our ten favorite newsjacks in run-up to London 2012.

1. Prepare for the 2012 Summer Olympics with these Olympic Party Ideas Worthy of a Gold Medal!

The headline is the real winner, here: it’s snappy, brief, and chock-full of keywords.

2. HealthQuest of Hunterdon Offers Tips to Train Like an Olympian

The key here is their keyword placement. They’ve got fitness, Olympics, London, and Healthquest all packed into their headline, subhead, and opening paragraph.

3. REC Report Shows Olympics to be Increasing Employer Confidence

Surveys and reports are top content assets.  REC does a nice job here of including the study’s main finding in the headline, along with the major keyword, ‘Olympics.’

4. Blue Interactive Agency Kicking Off 2012 Summer Olympics Office Games

Blue Interactive is not just announcing its Office Olympics – by allowing Facebook fans to vote for the best dressed team, they’re making their audience a part of it.

5. AXA Busienss Insurance Helps Small Businesses Get Fit for the Olympics

Your business can never go wrong with a list of helpful tips.  This particular list is useful, shareable, and very timely.

6. Writers of the Future: A Literary Olympics

This is newsjacking at its best, as they’ve used the timeliness of the Olympics to promote an event that has no sporting aspect whatsoever.

7. Go for the Gold! Have the Confidence of an Olympian While Bicycling, Jogging and Walking

What stands out in this newsjack is the multimedia.  The feature image does well to show the product in use, and they’ve got ten extra images attached for their audience to peruse.

8. Lonely Planet Offers Free eBooks and Apps About London in Celebration of the Olympics

Lonely Planet’s offers are diverse, both in type (app or eBook) and in what they are actually offering.  This allows them to present something of value to their entire audience.

9. US-Based Temporary Tattoo Manufacturer Helps Olympics Fans Show Their Patriotic Pride this Summer

The video is the true highlight of this newsjack, as it shows what the product looks like and how easy it is to use.

10. 87% of People will Partake in Social Media or Text Friends About the Olympic Games

Tech Bargains is getting more specific with their newsjack, focusing on social media use during the Olympics.  That’s a smart way to reach their more tech-savvy audience.

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Photo: Loco Steve (Creative Commons)



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