Vocus Marketing Consultants Steered These Brands to Better Results

Ever wished you could hire an expert consultant to help with your digital marketing?

Since we launched our consulting services last year, companies of all sizes have achieved better results with Vocus through the help of our Marketing Consultants.

Here are four of their stories.

“It’s like an extra marketing team member.”

Vocus consultants help FS Local with search marketing and news releases.

“We’re a company of eight employees,” says Shannon Farrell, Director of Marketing Communications at this Toronto online marketing services company. “We’re a small team so we don’t have a huge amount of resources.”

“We wanted extra consulting, guidance and best practices for outreach.”

“We give our Vocus consultant an overview of what’s happening with us. We talk about what our needs are, she’ll give us advice, and we’ll decide from there what she can help us with.

“We often have her write our online news releases and optimize them for us, which has been a huge help. One of the releases she wrote got a call back that turned into a lead for a new client. Getting the lead was amazing, but having her consult and guide us with her expertise was invaluable.”

“It’s good to have our consultant as a resource. When we’re unsure, we ask her and she’ll know. It’s like an extra team member.”

“Vocus are my experts in PR.”

Vocus consultants help IVF New Jersey Fertility Center with publicity ideas,  content and distribution.

“In New Jersey, the field of reproductive endocrinology is especially competitive,” says Jane Tervooren, IVF New Jersey’s Director of Marketing. “We want to get the word out about what we’re doing and what makes us special.

IVFNJ - Doctors - Vocus Consultants

IVFNJ Fertility Center uses Vocus to get the word out

“About eight months ago, I saw a competitor’s online press release, looked at the bottom and saw that it came from Vocus. That’s why I contacted them.”

“The biggest challenge is knowing what to write about, how to write it and where and how to disseminate it,” Jane says. “My Vocus consultants have earned an A+ in all of those areas.

“Whenever I need to discuss something, my Vocus consultant is there. Either I come up with an idea and she develops it or she emails me about a topic that she thinks will be worthwhile. My consultant understands how to write the release and  the most strategic ways to distribute it.”

 “I often receive positive responses on our Facebook page regarding press releases, including one recently about National Infertility Awareness Week.”

“I turn to Vocus as my experts in PR. It feels like they’re an extension of my marketing team.”

“It was great to have an external person advise me on strategy.”

Ragan Communications uses Vocus consulting for better social media engagement.

“We didn’t have the level of engagement we wanted with the healthcare community. I wanted to become a greater resource for them,” says Samantha Hosenkamp, social media editor for media and publishing company Ragan Communications.

Samantha need to reach more of the target audience for four publications, including Health Care Communication News.

“My Vocus consultant listened, asked insightful questions and discussed what I could do,” Samantha says. “She challenged me to think outside the box.

“She showed us that many healthcare communicators don’t use Facebook during the day. I began posting content in the evening and saw more engagement on Facebook.”

“I’m the only social media person here, so it was really great to have an external person advise me on strategy,” Samantha says. “She took the time to delve into our brand, understand what we did and how people viewed it externally.”

“Then, she advised me on what to do more of, what to do less of and other engagement strategies. Knowing what works for my audience makes my job a lot easier.”

“It’s great to watch as our web traffic shoots up.”

Vocus Consultants help PITSS America drive awareness and generate leads.

“Being a German-based company in a new American market, our challenge is to spread awareness about our products and services,” says Brandon Gustafson, Sales and Marketing Coordinator at PITSS America, a supplier of Oracle management solutions.

PITSS America - News Release - Vocus Consultants

Vocus consultants help PITSS America attract customers on search engines

“We’re trying to establish a solid market base and be top-of-mind with potential clients.”

“Vocus has experienced consultants with great knowledge about online news releases,” Brandon says. “They can publish news in any region and gain large marketplace exposure.

“Our consultant made our job easier because we didn’t have to worry about the distribution of information.

“It’s easy for us to quickly write a press release, do a once over and send it to her for an outside perspective. From there, we refine and distribute it.

“It’s great that we can publish and distribute online press releases so quickly and watch as our web traffic shoots up.

“Our Vocus consultant provides solid constructive criticism that helps us reframe some of our press releases.

“We’re a technical company and many times we get stuck in the technical side of things. Our consultant helps us focus on our target audience. She has great insight into our products and services and understands how to assist us in positioning our message.”

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