Vocus CMO: What Marketing Software Should Do

Guest Post by Jason Jue, Chief Marketing Officer, Vocus

It seems like marketing keeps on spending more on IT. Marketers can now purchase software for almost every discipline: PR, social marketing, marketing automation, email, paid search, SEO, e-commerce, and analytics software – to name just a few categories.

And, likely, there will be more.  Gartner claims that the CMO will spend more on IT than the CIO. Surveys of marketers conducted by Duke also point to more IT spending by marketers.

The idea of CMOs spending more on technology than CIOs was unthinkable ten years ago.

This movement is driven by three underlying trends in marketing.

1) Contributing directly to sales by generating leads and managing ecommerce websites

2) Enhancing products and brands through the power of social networks and mobile apps

3) Continue to measure and improve all types of marketing spend and customer behavior.

You’ll notice that these trends are about outcomes. I’ve always found that IT spend is only effective when I can tie results directly to what shareholders and owners have always cared about: How does marketing effectively achieve results to grow revenue, building lasting brands, and increase customer satisfaction?

It’s great to offer a generalization like that. However, every marketer knows we have to get down to specific results.  So what are those specific outcomes?

If in doubt, ask peers in finance, sales, service, and product development.  As marketers, we want to make sure we have the best tools to keep up with current marketing trends – but sometimes, it helps to ask people who monitor the results that marketing achieves.

  • In finance, they care that marketing is growing revenue for less cost.
  • In sales, they care that marketing is generating more leads with a higher close rate.
  • In services, they care that marketing is building brands and developing products that satisfy customer needs.

As marketing continues to change and we use IT to help us adapt, let’s make sure we stay focused on the marketing objectives that have remained the same.

What outcomes do you think marketing software vendors should focus on?





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