Looking for Facebook Apps?

You've come to the right place. Facebook Apps are NOW fully integrated landing pages with the Vocus Marketing Suite. 

If you were searching for North Social's Facebook Apps, Vocus is here to help. Vocus is North Social’s parent company and we have designed a fully integrated marketing suite that includes Facebook marketing plus everything you need to do marketing and PR better.

  • Attract & Engage: Our software coordinates Facebook apps with your emails, landing pages, news releases and other marketing activities so you can deliver real results all from one log in.
  • Capture & Keep: Our solution captures leads and offers real-time data that lets you intelligently target your marketing to drive better conversion and retention rates.
  • Measure & Report: Whether you need a quick snapshot of today’s results or in-depth comparisons of campaigns, Vocus delivers easy to read analytics.

Don’t miss your Facebook Apps, get more from your marketing with coordinated campaigns, leads and measurable results – all-in-one suite. Get Vocus. Vocus gets business.

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