A new bill could protect journalist phone records, LA Dodgers co-owner interested in Tribune papers & more: Editor’s media picks – 8/27

Bill would protect reporters’ phone records

According to the AP, state officials would be required to give journalists five days’ notice before they issue subpoenas for telephone records under legislation that has passed the Assembly… More via San Francisco Peninsula Press Club

FCC: ‘engaged’ in trying to end CBS/TWC retrans fight
By John Eggerton

An FCC spokesman suggested Monday that the commission is now actively working with both CBS and Time Warner Cable to help them resolve their retrans dispute… More via Broadcastingcable.com

SPJ considers overdue update to Code of Ethics
By Steve Buttry

I’m pleased that the Society of Professional Journalists is considering an update to its Code of Ethics.

The SPJ Code of Ethics has guided journalists for decades, but hasn’t been updated since 1996. I called for an update in a blog post nearly three years ago, then in a follow-up cover story for Quill magazine and discussed the need for an update in an #spjchat Twitter chat. I applaud new SPJ President David Cullier for calling on the Ethics Committee to consider an update… More via The Buttry Diary

What got the New York Times to finally drop an f-bomb?
By Evan McMurry

“With the discretion of a well-bred debutante, the Times has just lost its F-bomb virginity,” wrote Salon’s Laura Miller, introducing the world to the New York Times’ first use of the f-word in its 162-year history… More via Mediaite.com

Why Tribune’s papers could be good fit for Guggenheim’s Walter
By Lynne Marek

Los Angeles Dodgers co-owner Mark Walter’s interest in buying the Chicago Tribune and Los Angeles Times, first reported by the Los Angeles Times last week, isn’t just the musings of another starry-eyed rich baseball team owner… More via ChicagoBusiness.com


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