Citizen journalism during Boston marathon bombing, the competition for the LA Times & more: Editor’s media picks – 4/23

AP memo on Boston coverage: ‘We made mistakes because we didn’t follow our own very good guidelines’

“There was much great work from AP staffers [reporting from Boston] and we celebrate that,” Associated Press executive editor Kathleen Carroll writes in a memo. “But we had some missteps, too. And that’s what we want to talk about here today.” …More via

Bloomberg revs up its video news operation
By Chris Roush

With a global television network operation in place, Bloomberg News is using video clips from its  shows as well as Web-only videos to produce some 200 clips per day,  signaling a new “digital first” approach, says Chris Berend, executive producer and head of digital video at Bloomberg, in a video interview at Bloomberg headquarters with Beet.TV… More via

Citizen ‘journalism’ ran amok in Boston crisis

With an entire city on lockdown and the whole world watching, crowd reporting on the drama in Boston last week reached critical mass. Now, we are facing a critical mess… More via Reflections of a Newsoasaur

‘It’s over for them’: Don Imus blasts CNN’s Boston coverage, goes after new president Jeff Zucker
By Meenal Vamburkar

While CNN may have pulled off good ratings with their Boston coverage, the network has been widely been criticized for the inaccuracies in reporting the story’s developments. Don Imus joined the crowd on Tuesday, remarking on last week’s “absurd and frustrating” coverage… More via

Which of these billionaires will end up owning the L.A. Times?

Newspaper publishing is a dying industry, but apparently no one told about half a dozen of America’s richest men. The competition to buy the Los Angeles Times is shaping up to be a fierce one with the news that Charles and David Koch are preparing a bid for it and the seven other dailies that make up Tribune Co.’s newspaper division… More via

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