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Insider Secrets to the Perfect Pitch

Reporters look at PR pitches for only a few seconds. Do yours hook them or get deleted?

Join former CBS News executive Batt Humphreys for an insider’s look at how to craft winning pitches by adopting a journalist's perspective, earn reporters' trust and avoid the errors that kill pitches.

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Master PR Measurement

As a PR pro, you don’t ask if you should measure public relations. You ask how. Zoetica founder Kami Huyse has the answer.

Learn five approaches to social media measurement, how to calculate ROI and other important metrics, how best to utilize the Barcelona Principles and real-life case studies to inform measurement strategy.

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Writing Rules in PR

In a time-challenged world dominated by click-bait headlines, tweets, gifs, video, YOLO, LOL and #tbt...does writing seem useless and ordinary? Actually, writing matters more now.

Learn how to choose words well, write with economy, style and honest empathy and tell a true story really, really well with “Everybody Writes” author Ann Handley.

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Solve Social Media’s ROI Mystery

Eighty-eight percent of marketers consider measuring social media ROI a top priority, but often they rely on fan, follower and share counts. What about the bottom-line results that matter?

Learn to show social’s impact on sales volume, revenue and cost with measurement expert Nichole Kelly at her on-demand webinar.

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Find Your Invisible Customers

Digitally empowered customers self-educate and make purchase decisions before businesses even know they’re looking. How can you market to them?

Learn how to nurture your “invisible” customers with “The Invisible Sale” author Tom Martin. Tom’s Vocus webinar on Wednesday, July 9 at 2 p.m. ET will help you find prospects’ pain points via social media, create more targeted content without increasing workload, build relationships with content published where customers research and spend less time cold calling and more time attracting qualified leads.

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Fundamentals for the New Era PR Pro

PR is evolving as social and digital become ubiquitous. Understanding the full scope of emerging PR opportunities is critical to success.

Learn how to plan, share and engage in this brave new world with tactics from PR strategist Sarah Evans. Join her Vocus webinar on Wednesday, June 11 at 2 p.m. ET to:

• Create credible content by thinking like a producer, editor and journalist.

• Improve workflow efficiency with real-time tips and tools.

• Ensure future organizational and individual success by looking at the big picture.

Don’t let the future pass you by. Register for Sarah’s webinar now!

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Marketing Freaks Shall Inherit the Earth

If your marketing isn’t delivering the results you want, it may be time to find your inner freak. Ditch transaction-minded messaging and develop a freak-level passion for your community that instills a sense of belonging, drives referrals, and increases customer lifetime value.

Join world-renowned marketer and author Chris Brogan for a special Vocus webinar. Chris will help you start long-term customer relationships with ‘warm data,’ create more targeted content that attracts customers, and use engagement to drive a relationship-based selling environment.

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Follow the Leads: B2B Nurturing Strategies That Work!

Three in five B2B marketers send all leads directly to sales, but only a quarter of them are qualified. It’s hurting their bottom lines.

Learn to power profits by creating a systematic, repeatable and measurable lead nurturing process with Laura Cross of SiriusDecisions. Join her Vocus webinar to boost conversion rates with four proven lead nurturing programs, align demand creation and lead nurturing for greater impact and drive revenues by trading one-and-done tactics for a multi-touch program.

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Block Content Shock

Too much content and too little consumer attention. Soon that ratio will short-circuit many marketing programs. Will yours survive the impending content shock?

Adjust to a changing marketing and PR landscape before it’s too late. Join “Tao of Twitter” author Mark Schaefer at his Vocus webinar. Mark will help you

• Cut through rising content noise by meeting changing consumer needs

• Future-proof your digital strategy with fresh, ground-breaking perspectives

• Leverage radical new opportunities before your competition

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Power Your PR and Marketing With Sponsored Content

Need Twitter to be a heavy hitter? Businesses of all sizes and industries can turn Twitter into a PR and marketing home run with native advertising.

Join Twitter’s Sebastian Turner for his Vocus webinar for the blueprint to achieving your branding and revenue goals.

Sebastian will show you proven methods for how to:

• Drive branding success by identifying keywords critical to your brand.

• Collect contact information for high-quality leads with Twitter Cards.

• Nurture ready-to-buy prospects to conversion in real time.

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Market Like a Rock Star!

Want new customers? Use the strategy that made Johnny Cash, Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga the biggest draws of their day. Instead of looking for new fans, they ignited passion in existing ones and turned them into marketing evangelists. Your brand can win customers the same way.

Join “Think Like a Rock Star” author Mack Collier’s Vocus webinar on Wednesday, April 9 at 2 p.m. ET. He’ll show you how to create brand advocates using content that focuses on the “Bigger Idea,” attract new customers by giving existing ones control of your message, and use rock star marketing tactics you can implement immediately.

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Give Until You Get

Want to beat competitors without dropping prices? Win new customers and strengthen brand loyalty with cause marketing. More than 90 percent of consumers are likely to switch to a brand that offers similar pricing and products if it supports a good cause, according to the 2013 Cone Communications/Echo Global CSR Study.

Start a successful cause marketing campaign with renowned corporate social good expert Joe Waters. Join this Vocus webinar to learn his proven strategies. You will learn to increase customer loyalty by choosing a cause they’ll rally around, distinguish yourself from competitors as a favored brand through giving, and help yourself and others with five easy-to-implement cause marketing strategies.

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Bust Marketing Automation Myths With Vocus

Businesses that nurture prospects using automation see a 451% increase in qualified leads. So why do only nine percent of SMBs use automation software?

Marketing automation myths make marketers believe they need big budgets, specialists on staff or no software at all.

Bust myths like these with Vocus CMO You Mon Tsang during a special webinar about marketing automation. He will help you understand how marketing automation software can work within your budget, grow business by arming existing staff with easy-to-learn automation skills and simplify core activities to drive leads, increase prospect quality and generate revenue.

Become a marketing automation mythbuster. Register now!

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Ready to Find Your Invisible Sale?

Today’s customers self-educate and make purchasing decisions before you even know they’re looking for your product or service. How can you market to them?

Learn how to nurture your “invisible” customers with “The Invisible Sale” author Tom Martin on Wednesday, July 9 at 2 p.m. ET.

• Find prospects’ pain points via social media

• Create more targeted content without increasing workload

• Build relationships with content published where customers research

• Spend less time cold calling and more time attracting qualified leads

Don’t neglect your invisible customers. Register now!

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