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Demand Success 2014

Our Demand Success 2014 Conference will feature some of the best minds in the business, including thought leaders and experts like Actor and Entrepreneur Adrian Grenier and renowned branding strategist Laura Ries.

These sessions will show you how to deploy innovative online strategies, build brands, deliver more leads and ROI, and increase efficiencies. From native advertising and social video to branding and marketing automation savoir faire, we’ve got it covered. Stay tuned for more information about Demand Success 2014!

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Featured Webinars & Events

Don’t Just Tweet – Drive Results!

Join Sebastian Turner at his Vocus webinar on April 23 at 2 p.m. ET for the blueprint to achieving your branding and revenue goals. Sebastian will help you drive branding success by identifying critical keywords, collecting contact information for high-quality leads, and nurturing ready-to-buy prospects in real time.

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Power Your PR and Marketing With Sponsored Content

Need Twitter to be a heavy hitter? Businesses of all sizes and industries can turn Twitter into a PR and marketing home run with native advertising.

Join Twitter’s Sebastian Turner for his Vocus webinar on Wednesday, April 23 at 2 p.m. ET for the blueprint to achieving your branding and revenue goals.

Sebastian will show you proven methods for how to:

• Drive branding success by identifying keywords critical to your brand.

• Collect contact information for high-quality leads with Twitter Cards.

• Nurture ready-to-buy prospects to conversion in real time.

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Archived Webinars

Become King of Conversions!

Landing pages are powerful conversion tools, but only 13 percent of marketers say their optimization strategy is very successful. How can you join that select group?

Learn to create top-performing landing pages with Senior Product Manager Abby Hammer in this Vocus customer webinar.

Abby will teach you how to quickly fix common landing page mistakes, improve conversion rates by testing high-impact areas, and publish more profitable pages by focusing on layout and visitor engagement.

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Market Like a Rock Star!

Want new customers? Use the strategy that made Johnny Cash, Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga the biggest draws of their day. Instead of looking for new fans, they ignited passion in existing ones and turned them into marketing evangelists. Your brand can win customers the same way.

Join “Think Like a Rock Star” author Mack Collier’s Vocus webinar on Wednesday, April 9 at 2 p.m. ET. He’ll show you how to create brand advocates using content that focuses on the “Bigger Idea,” attract new customers by giving existing ones control of your message, and use rock star marketing tactics you can implement immediately.

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Give Until You Get

Want to beat competitors without dropping prices? Win new customers and strengthen brand loyalty with cause marketing. More than 90 percent of consumers are likely to switch to a brand that offers similar pricing and products if it supports a good cause, according to the 2013 Cone Communications/Echo Global CSR Study.

Start a successful cause marketing campaign with renowned corporate social good expert Joe Waters. Join this Vocus webinar to learn his proven strategies. You will learn to increase customer loyalty by choosing a cause they’ll rally around, distinguish yourself from competitors as a favored brand through giving, and help yourself and others with five easy-to-implement cause marketing strategies.

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Bust Marketing Automation Myths With Vocus

Businesses that nurture prospects using automation see a 451% increase in qualified leads. So why do only nine percent of SMBs use automation software?

Marketing automation myths make marketers believe they need big budgets, specialists on staff or no software at all.

Bust myths like these with Vocus CMO You Mon Tsang during a special webinar about marketing automation. He will help you understand how marketing automation software can work within your budget, grow business by arming existing staff with easy-to-learn automation skills and simplify core activities to drive leads, increase prospect quality and generate revenue.

Become a marketing automation mythbuster. Register now!

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State of the Media Report 2014

In 2013, newspapers chose iPhone pics over professional photos, reporters embraced social media in a new way, paywalls boosted revenues, and Jeff Bezos bought The Washington Post. But how does that affect your PR strategy?

Drive results using the latest PR best practices from communications expert Gini Dietrich at her webinar on Thursday, February 27 at 2 p.m. ET. She’ll break down Vocus’ State of the Media Report 2014 to help you earn more coverage by pitching reporters on platforms they favor, build relationships with influencers on their preferred social networks and develop visual and conversational assets that reporters seek for stories.

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Brand With a Visual Hammer

Your prospects get blasted with blog posts, tweets and text-heavy emails every hour of the day. Creating brand associations with words is almost impossible.

But what if you didn’t rely on words alone?

Author and renowned branding strategist Laura Ries delivers a timely Vocus webinar on how a “visual hammer” drives a brand into customer minds. She’ll use timeless campaigns like Nike’s swoosh, Coca-Cola’s contoured bottle and Apple’s white apple.

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Mobile 2014: What you need to know

More than 17 percent of online sales this holiday season occurred on a tablet or smartphone, an increase of more than 46 percent from last year. As businesses respond in the New Year, how will mobile evolve?

From low-energy Bluetooth beacons to Google Glass, 2014 will change “There’s an app for that” to “There’s an app for everything.”

Join mobile expert Ken Yarmosh on January 22 to learn how to move beyond smartphone and tablet applications, be where your customers are with context and location, and build apps that are future-proofed.

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Get Results From Native Ads

Are you as confused about native advertising as most marketers? Stop wrestling with the concept and learn to use paid content to build brand and trust.

Join Steve Rubel to understand how media outlets envision native ads as a brand amplification tool, build trust by using sponsored ads ethically, and integrate native ads into your traditional, social and owned media.

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