The primary goal of social media is generating conversation. With Buying Signals, we can immediately connect with people who are looking for something that we have to offer. You have real conversations and those conversations turn into sales.

Diamond Nexus was founded on the idea that beautiful diamonds didn’t have to come at an exorbitant price. Headquartered in Wisconsin, their mission is to produce high quality diamond simulant jewelry that’s stunning, affordable, and environmentally friendly for consumers.

E Commerce businesses are inherently social, and Diamond Nexus is no exception. From sponsoring the Miss Universe pageant to replicating celebrity engagement rings, they had plenty of news to share, but attracting web traffic through SEO and outside links was a time-consuming challenge. They needed a more efficient way.

Enter the Vocus Marketing Suite. “Vocus makes it easier to do our job,” says Kyle Blades, Director of Marketing. “Before Vocus, it was difficult to have a single hub for our online marketing. It’s streamlined our process of creating and sending out content.”

Kyle started seeing an immediate increase in traffic on the Diamond Nexus website. “I couldn’t believe it,” he says. “We invested more into the suite because we saw how quickly we were getting a return on that.”

“It seemed almost too good to be true,” as Jennifer London, Social Media Coordinator, recalls. “We’d come from past experiences that were really time-consuming and expensive, but with Vocus, I can do my job better and focus on the things that matter, like building real relationships.”

Diamond Nexus’s marketing team is now combining more of the suite’s features to create lead generation and engagement. They use Twitter and Vocus Facebook Apps to run contests that bring in new customers, bolster their social media following, and convert visitors from window shoppers to paying customers.

And with the new Buying Signals feature, connecting with the right customers is easier than ever. Buying Signals pinpoint Twitter users who are interested in a specific product or service. 

“It’s been really helpful for us because we get immediate connections with people that are looking for something that we can offer,” says Jennifer. “Buying Signals have brought us excellent leads, which have turned into sales. People see that you’re reaching out to them, and you have real conversations. It’s wonderful.”

“Marketing is no longer a push tactic,” Kyle says. “Now you’re trying to engage consumers one-on-one, and create dialogue with them. What Vocus has allowed us to do is create a singular point instead of having to log into multiple accounts. Every time we log in, it seems like we have a different thing that we are learning. What’s on the horizon for us is only limited by our imagination.

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